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Travel All Over Cuba By Taxi. Hassle-Free helps you to move easily all over Cuba through private Cuban Taxis.

Our goal is to make your holiday easy by solving the transportation problem in Cuba. The internet is packed with reviews and Cuba travel reports that thoroughly explain how challenging transportation can be on the Island. Public transportation is almost non-existent. State owned car rental companies offer over-priced and under-mantained cars, which are hardly ever available for booking. Taxi drivers impose inflated rates to tourists during extenuating bargaining sessions in the streets of Havana, Varadero, Trinidad, Vinales and any other place of touristic relevance. is here to put an end to all that.

We are the first website which allows you to book taxis in Cuba over the Internet, giving you the confidence of fully transparent prices, safe online payments and 3 years of experience in the tourism business in Cuba.

Forget about the hassle of negotiating prices with taxi drivers.

Forget about the hefty prices of state owned car rentals.

Forget the unconvenience of almost non-existent public transportation.

Book with and enjoy the real Cuba.

Benefits of moving by Taxi in Cuba

Besides the unforgettable experience of an on-the-road trip, travelling by Taxi in Cuba presents great benefits such as convenience, peace of mind, contributing to the local Cuban economy.


You are on holidays! Why should you bother with over-crawded buses while carrying around a heavy luggage ? can send you a taxi to pick you up wherever you want. Convenient door to door taxi service all over Cuba.

Peace of Mind:

Renting a car is expensive and also risky, as the customer holds financial and legal responsability in case of accidents, damages and theft of the vehicle. In contrast, if you travel by taxi you spare yourself all that. You can drink as much as you want, you don't have to worry about fines, about finding a safe parking space for the car, getting lost, mechanical problems of the vehicle and so forth...

Contributing to the Local Economy

The cars we rent out are owned and driven by local people who hold a specific licence to deliver this service. These people renounced to stable government jobs and invested their money to purchase the cars and licences in the hope of improving the living standards of their families. By using their services you will help them to succeed in their quest for a better life and you will give a great contribution to the newly born Cuban private sector.


4 Stars

Very convenient indeed. My taxi was not brand new, but....hey you are in Cuba!

Chris Morris - US (2018-03-11)

4 Stars

Good service and great road trip.

T. Jones - CANADA (2018-03-08)

5 Stars

Mi sono trovato molto bene col mio taxi! Sono arrivati puntuali e ci hanno portato a destinazione senza intoppi.

Marco Monti - ITALY (2018-03-04)

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